Pot Luck Mama

Pot Luck Mama started as a healthy way to fill time. In December 2009, Pot Luck Mama’s alter ego learned the Atlanta building supply company employing her was instituting company wide furloughs. She wanted to use her newfound time wisely and decided to hone her writing skills with a blog. With many interests and an inclination to share, titling the blog “Pot Luck Mama” allowed her alter ego to live into her nature while providing a catchy, memorable name.

When No Electronics! A Pot Luck of Poems was published, “Pot Luck Mama” was used as a pen name. It was easier to remember than any of her alter ego’s real names and provided a layer of anonymity.


“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”   – William Shakespeare

When Pot Luck Mama began visiting classrooms she really began to shine. Her signature red lipstick and red clothing accents are as intentional as the red on the dress of the No Electronics! cover and so are her events. Tailored to setting and participants, she seeks to meet people where they are and create and connect Word Collectors, Fact Hounds & Word Benders.

Pot Luck Mama is also learning how to play guitar and write songs…more on that later:)

And if what’s to come is of interest, be sure and check out the feedback page!

Pot Luck Mama